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More than 11 million American households currently own a recreational vehicle, or RV, and with that ownership comes the responsibility to acquire insurance. The companies that provide such coverage include Allstate, whose RV insurance offers a range of features and options.

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Strongest feature: covering breakdowns away from home

Compared with other RV insurance companies, Allstate is relatively generous when it comes to expenses you might incur were your vehicle to suffer a breakdown when you’re far from home. The coverage, detailed in the Pros section below, includes taking care of labor costs for repairs made to the vehicle on the spot, along with the bills for towing and expenses you may incur due to being RV-less, such as hotel expenses and transportation.

Otherwise, Allstate covers the expected perils for an RV insurance policy. The company has multiple RV insurance policies that cover you, other drivers, passengers, your RV, your pets, your property and other people’s property.

Like its competitors, the company lets you review coverage options and decide the extent to which you want your RV covered. It also offers optional coverage for personal effects and emergency expenses. For example, depending on your state, Allstate has roof and pest insurance that provides additional coverage to your comprehensive RV insurance.

Allstate RV insurance pros and cons


  • Above-average coverage for breakdowns and accidents away from home
  • Covers cats and dogs in accidents
  • Maintains a useful online portal


  • Provides limited information on pricing
  • Online quotes not available

Pros explained

Above-average coverage for breakdowns and accidents away from home

Allstate offers above-average coverage in the event your RV breaks down or suffers an accident when you’re some distance from where you live. There’s coverage for travel expenses, including transportation and hotel costs, if your RV becomes disabled due to a covered loss over 50 miles from home. The company says it also takes care of the cost of labor for repairs done on the spot where your RV is disabled. It also handles the cost of towing if your RV breaks down.

Covers cats and dogs in accidents

Not every RV insurer extends coverage to cats and dogs in the event of those pets being injured in an accident while inside the RV. The company doesn’t specify whether it covers other types of pets.

Maintains a useful online portal

Allstate has an easy-to-navigate website with a section dedicated to RV insurance. The website lets you find the nearest agent, access your Allstate account, pay premiums, view your payment history, make claims and get customer support. It also has a mobile application for iOS and Android.

Cons explained

Provides limited information on pricing

Allstate doesn’t disclose how much its RV insurance coverage costs on its website.

Online quotes not available

Beginning the process of requesting a quote redirects you to information on contacting an agent.

Allstate RV insurance offerings

Allstate RV insurance has more than 10 different policy offerings. Here’s a closer look at them:

Bodily injury liability coverage

This covers you and other insured drivers for injuries in accidents for which you’re found to be legally responsible. That includes paying for medical expenses and lost income from the accident. It may also pay legal fees if you’re charged for the accident.

Property damage liability coverage

This covers you and other insured drivers in the event of damage to someone else’s property arising from an accident that you’re legally responsible for.

Comprehensive and collision coverage

Allstate’s comprehensive coverage insures your RV against damage caused by non-collision incidents, such as vandalism, theft, falling objects and flooding. Collision coverage insures your RV against damage caused to your own vehicle when you’re found to be liable for the incident – or, in some states with no-fault laws, when you or another driver is at the wheel of your vehicle.

Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage

Often called no-fault coverage in some states, this policy provides medical, rehabilitation or funeral expenses that are necessary and reasonable in case you or your passengers are involved in a covered accident. The offering extends to essential services (such as household maintenance), work loss and survivors’ loss.

Personal effects coverage

This one protects the belongings you have in your RV. Allstate provides compensation in case those belongings are destroyed or damaged in a comprehensive loss or covered collision. The insurer will help repair or replace personal items like electronics, furniture and clothing.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

This coverage protects you and your passengers against injuries caused by another driver who has no insurance coverage. Such a driver is known as an uninsured driver. It also protects you against accidents caused by drivers who have insufficient insurance coverage — otherwise known as underinsured drivers. The coverage typically extends to medical expenses, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering.

Total loss replacement coverage

If your RV is declared to be a total loss, this coverage will replace it with a new one of the same make, model and year. Alternatively, you can get a new RV of the same value as the totaled one.

Vacation liability coverage

This one protects you against liability if someone gets injured while in or around your RV when you’re on vacation. This coverage may be more essential if you use your RV for vacations rather than as a permanent home.

Emergency expense coverage

Under this coverage, Allstate caters for your expenses – including hotel and transportation costs – in case your RV is disabled because of a covered incident when you’re at least 50 miles away from home.

Full-timer’s liability coverage

This coverage works like the portion of a homeowners insurance policy that offers protection against injury or other perils that others may experience when in your RV.. It provides liability coverage within the RV as long as you use the vehicle as a permanent residence for a period of at least six months per year.

Allstate RV insurance pricing

Allstate doesn’t disclose RV insurance starting rates on its website. However, the company offers a variety of discounts that can bring your RV insurance premiums down. They include discounts for:

  • Homeowner status: You’re eligible if you have a full-timer RV policy or if you own a home, townhouse or condo.
  • RV safety course: You can get this discount by completing an approved RV safety course. Allstate doesn’t provide a list of eligible courses.
  • Marriage: You can get your premium lower by adding your spouse to your Allstate RV policy.
  • Paying in full once a year: You’re eligible if you pay your entire premium upfront with no installments.
  • Going paperless: You can get this discount if you choose to receive all your policy-related documents by email rather than on physical paper.

While the company doesn’t provide discount rates and/or amounts on its website, you can get an Allstate insurance quote at National General. Overall, Allstate says that the cost of insuring your RV will depend on its type and value, your driving habits and the coverage limits, deductibles or other options you select.

Coverage limit refers to the maximum amount that Allstate will pay for a claim. Your deductible is the amount of money you’ll pay out of pocket for a claim.

Allstate RV insurance financial stability

Allstate has a financial strength rating of A+ (Superior) on AM Best. This is the highest grade and is assigned to insurance companies that have a superior ability to meet their financial and claims obligations.

Allstate also has a Standard and Poor’s (S&P) rating of A-. The rating means that the insurer has a strong financial position combined with robust underwriting, a great brand reputation and good catastrophe-management processes.

Allstate RV insurance accessibility

Allstate sells insurance products only through its network of agents. After you’ve bought coverage from an agent, the company does have a website and mobile application with self-service capabilities. Through its reasonable accommodations policy, Allstate accepts special requests from customers (such as having a translator) through email at You can also send the insurer accessibility suggestions to the same email.


Allstate operates countrywide. You can search for the nearest Allstate agent on the company’s online search tool.

Contact information

The Allstate phone number for customer service is 800-726-6033. The company provides a 24/7 chat function on its website. It also has links for email and Twitter support and an agent locator.

User experience

Allstate allows policyholders to open an online account with the company. Through this account, you can file claims, track them and choose how to receive insurance payouts. The process of filing claims takes four steps:

  1. File the claim: Allstate will require you to explain what happened.
  2. Inspect damage: Allstate providers will inspect the amount and extent of damage.
  3. Start repairs: You can initiate damage repair on your RV. Allstate will step in and provide expenses for any additional covered damage.
  4. Get payout: Allstate will pay you or the vendor of your choice for the repairs done.

Allstate says that claims payments take between 24 hours (and possibly less) and 10 business days after submission to process. Quick card pay is the fastest, while a check is the slowest.

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Allstate RV insurance customer satisfaction

Allstate has average customer satisfaction ratings on J.D. Power rankings. The company has a score of 853 points out of a possible 1,000 points, which is only very slightly less than the industry average of 861. Customer reviews on online platforms record a good number of complaints, although Allstate is also one of the biggest insurers, which might account for at least some of that volume. The most frequent complaints include that Allstate frequently refuses to make payouts for claims that it initially reported to cover.

Allstate RV insurance FAQs

Is RV insurance expensive?

The cost of insurance for an RV can match or exceed that for insuring an automobile. This is due, in part, to the fact that the RV needs to be insured as both a vehicle and a home. The average cost of insuring an RV is $1500, but the range is wide and varies depending on your type of RV and coverage. Class C RVs are the cheapest to insure, while Class A vehicles tend to be the most costly.

What does Allstate RV insurance cover?

Like its competitors, Allstate offers RV insurance that covers you, other drivers, your passengers, your property, your pets, other people and other people’s property against a range of perils. The exact coverage you enjoy depends largely on the offerings you choose to add to your policy.

Does Allstate RV insurance cover water damage?

As with most companies, Allstate has comprehensive coverage that covers water damage caused by floods. The company’s coverage does not necessarily extend to water damage from all other sources.

How we evaluated Allstate RV insurance

To assess Allstate RV insurance, we looked at the following:

  • Range of offerings: The best RV insurance companies are those that provide a variety of policy plans from which to choose.
  • Accessibility and availability: A good RV insurance provider is one whose services are easy to access.
  • Customer support: You want an RV insurance provider that you can easily reach. Ideally, its website and mobile application should have self-service capabilities.
  • Customer reviews: Generally, a reliable RV insurance provider is one whose existing and past customers have good things to say about it.

Summary of Money’s Allstate RV insurance review

Allstate is among the best-known names in insurance, and its RV insurance policies are competitive and flexible in their scope. The company lets you choose offerings, limits and deductibles based on your budget and coverage needs.

The company’s policies stand out for above-average coverage in the event your RV breaks down or is damaged in an accident far from home. The company also may appeal to dog and cat owners who bring their pets along in the vehicle, since coverage includes treatment for injuries to on-board animals due to an accident. Allstate also has an online portal and mobile app — features that not all competitors boast.

On the other hand, you can’t buy Allstate insurance online but must purchase it directly from one of the company’s agents. That’s probably among the reasons that the Allstate website allows you less information than many with regard to costs.

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