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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – All were available as the annual Panama City Beach food truck and craft beer festival is back at Aaron Bessant Park.

For two days out of the year fans of good food and craft beer come out to Aaron Bessant Park to take part in the food truck and craft beer festival.

There, residents had access to tons of options for the low price of five dollars.

This is the seventh year of the event.

“The sky. Finally, we need some sun. We’re fired up. Do you like food trucks? Do you like food trucks? You like food trucks. It’s off the charts. The place to be the event of the year. We have all sorts of food trucks. You name the food. We have it,” said Food Truck Festivals of America Owner Anthony Pepe.

There are 37 food trucks to choose from.

Even with the poor weather, people were still happy to come out and try out the variety of food and beverages.

“We’re out here braving the little bit of cold. At the food truck festival trying to get some food here. We got here yesterday. We came last year. A little bit warmer last year. And now compared to last year, I haven’t seen much, but it seems a lot more food trucks around this time fried food truck this year. So I’m excited for that,” said attendees Jaron and Kirsten Allen.

People say that the event has grown larger and larger each year.

While the food trucks and craft beer are crowd-pleasers, there was also the option to check out all the different small business vendors.

From scented candles to alcohol-infused cigars, there was something for everyone.

“I love connecting with people because they can actually smell my candles in person. So it’s always great. We love. We love it. It’s hard, but we love it out here,” said vendor Jordan Hansen.

“Come on out. The sun is going to come out, we hope. And we hope to see you guys,” said vendor Kaleyah Smalls.

Event organizer Anthony Pepe says the goal is to make the food truck and craft beer festival bigger and better every year and is looking forward to next year’s event.

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